Monday, May 21, 2018

What about the Kraken?

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One thing I know from being around boys and men... they are interested in this thing called the KRAKEN! Almost at any party sometimes if you are hanging around long enough and it's late enough the convversation comes up.. The Kraken! So let's get in the know about this mystery creature. First of all from my research it is only make believe... and is said to scan the Norway and Iceland seas. Will attack a ship and even has a lust for human flesh and will eat a whole sea crew. - Well the truth is it was first seen years ago by a King and later scientist believe what he actually saw was a Giant Squid. The Giant squid's only enemy is the sperm whale. The Kraken did do some good as fish would get on it and any daring fisherman would get a great haul of fish.... Now as a Christian.. I do have a interesting thought. Was there once a REAL KRAKEN.. maybe a larger squid.. here is why I ask such a thing.. EXTINCTION. It is amazing how many animals we will never see until we get to heaven because they have long gone extinct. Could it be that the Kraken was bigger than the giant squid - much like the dinosaurs? It may not have been mean and attacked ships but was feared by those who first saw it and legend grew. In the Dake Bible some myths are discussed and he felt somethings may have rooted in truth but were brought into legend through tale tales. All said When God created the earth in 6 days he made many wonderful creatures like the dinosaurs, etc.. and over time these all just became extinct. 

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Make a Garbage BAG KITE!

Image result for google images garbage bag kite    How to Make a Garbage Bag Kite by 2 Little Hooligans | U Create    Lay out your sticks and cut to a shape

Image result for google images garbage bag kite

You may be surprised ... there may be all kinds of plastics that may work... and even chopsticks taped together may work.

Keep your kids busy - creating kites all summer and look out for power lines and trees! This is a great way to get your kids researching flight and shapes and materials they find and a great sport! Here is a tip ... let them create several over the summer picking the best one each week and working on making it better and better!


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